You may ask: what is carbohydrates? The asnwer is short and easy - carbohydrates are one of the most important nutrition type. It is the most important energy source for your body. But all of us should remembet that carbohydrates could be good and bad. Good or useful carbohydrates provides energy to your body, ingredients, which are beneficial for your brain and other organs activity. Bad carbohydrates changing your body shape and weight to the downside. You can find carbohydrates in the food. For example useful carbohydrate foods are:

- Cereals and it products;

- Root and tuberous vegetables;

- Seeds;

- Milk;

- Nuts.

Bad carbohydrates foods are sugar containing products:

- Pastries;

- Cakes;

- Chocolates and etc.

On the internet you can find wider list of carbohydrates foods. Athletes more often choose carbohydrates supplements. It is easy to use and easy to reach daily rate. In our internet shop you can find complex carbohydrates, bars, drinks, gels. Choose the best way to improve yourself.

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