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Amino acid structure is very difficul. Proteins are the body's main construction material. These consist of the amino acid. The amino acids are necessary for normal body functioning. Also amino acids bind to each other to form different branched-chain amino acid structure (peptides), enabling different types - bone, hair or nails - proteins specific characteristics. An essential amino acids are important for brain activity. They help to transfer information from one nerve cell to another. Amino acids - the main component of protein synthesis. 8 essential amino acids in certain proportions must be in food ration, because human body itself not produce it and should be obtained with food. If any one of amino acid is missing or lacking - the protein synthesis is reduced or stopped. This is especially important for athletes - new muscle building process is simply impossible without amino acids. 

It is important to remember that the lack of essential amino acids promotes:

- Metabolic disorders;

- Protein synthesis disorders;

- Memory problems;

- Productive labor problems;

- Decreased sexual desire.

The amino acid complexes in sport are used for a faster recovery after workout. In our online store you can find balanced amino acid supplements. Index on amino acid supplements packaging indicate not only the concentration of amino acids per serving (2,7g), but also over what period of time they will be absorbed, it is especially important for post workout anabolic window period.

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