Creatine - nitrogen-containing organic compound, which is in vertebrate muscle, nerve tissue, blood. Half of the required creatine in our body is produced in the liver, kidneys and pancreas. Other required half comes with food. Creatinine food is fish (herring and salmon) and red meat (beef and pork). Creatin is very useful and beneficial nutrition part. Creatine benefits are:

- Increased force;

- Increased energy;

- Weight gain (Water weight);

- Reduced muscle soreness after workouts;

- Faster muscle growth;

- Natural product (not a steroid or drug);

- Recharge tired muscles;

 It is worth knowing that creatine is characterized that it has side effects. Creatine side effects may include:

- Tumefaction;

- Can cause dehydration;

- Can cause stones in the kidney;

- Termination of creatine may feel lack of energy and changes your body shape;

- Nausea, diarrhea.

Creatine is important as an energy supplier for your body. A lot of athletes are using it to give their 100 % to fulfill their potential. Best creatine daily required dose you can get from our suggested supplements. Creatine powder and capsulas are provided in our online store. Creatin 

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